• Payment must be upfront. I will not start a commission without being paid.

  • Reference Image(s) are required. I will not make your OC from scratch, no matter how detailed of a description you give.

  • WIP will only be shown, if I deem it necessary or unsure of something.

  • Upon completion you will receive the full-size file, along with a smaller and watermarked file.

  • I do occasionally stream while working on commissions, if you do not want me to work on your commission on stream do say so.



  • Again, I ask for full payment upfront.

  • Payments are digital through Venmo(US) or Paypal(Not US).

  • Paying me more will not bump you up on my commission list.

  • Full Refunds are only accepted if I have not started on your commission.

  • If you request a full refund on Venmo/Paypal without my consent; you will be blacklisted from future commissions and the artwork I have full rights to re-use and profit from as I see fit.



  • The commissioner (you) is allowed to use the artwork in any non-commercial way.

  • I have full copyright of the artwork. That means you cannot modify, trace, copy, tweak the artwork without my consent.

  • Save your commissions. I will not re-send you the commission because you didn't save it.



  • Minor edits are allowed without a fee. Fixing a colour error, add a small missing part, etc.

  • Larger edits will have a fee. Fixing an arm/leg, overall pose, etc.

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